5 Biggest Myths About Internet Marketing Software

Who knows how most myths really get started.  What we do know is very few myths have any real solid truth or facts to support them.  Fact or fiction is seems to be human nature to enjoy and except myths as fact.

In business entertaining the myths about internet marketing software could be hazardous to your business profits.

Let take a look at the 5 Myths About Internet Marketing Tools/Software

Myth #1: Internet Marketing Software & Tools Can Eliminate All The Work

The Online Marketing industry is gigantic, and growing bigger every day. Please don’t buy into the hype that all your marketing  can be accomplish with one tool or software suite. This type of belief will leave your business in the hole.  

First there is no instant fixes and you certainly can’t cheat your way to solid authority and viral success.

Second there is no way around the consistent work and proper planning that any business requires. Tools are excellent to help automate repetitive tasks like Posting On Facebook.  They are also excellent for syndication your message or content.  Taking advantage of Page Builders and Solid Training is essential to keeping of with the competition.  But high value tools like these are designed to works alongside additional tools and software to boost your productivity and efficiency.

They all require you to put them into action.  Then take the results they produce and improve upon them.  No matter what software or tool, they are only as valuable as the action you put into them.

Myth #2: You Can Fully Automated Your Business With Internet Marketing Software.

True, online marketing software can play a huge role you you business productively.  It’s main function is to streamline your marketing processes and make your workflow easier, but software can not automate everything.

Even with a small online business there are too many factors at play.  Most of these require human touch and logic. For example our software Seek & Send and FB Takeover allow you to take your marketing message and share it with thousand at the push of a button.  But the effectiveness of these powerful tools is totally dependent on how you use them.

For e​xample if you choose to share content that is boring or has no value you will receive a poor response.  How if you use FB Takeover or Skype Seek and Send to share content designed to offer value your will benefit greatly from these tools.  The point is the results are based on the type of content you share and not about the software’s ability to share information with thousands.

You effort to produce or find valuable and relevant tips, resources or offers can not be replace by software.​

Myth #3: Internet Marketing Software Can Produce Instant Googel Rankings.

This is the biggest and most widely use fraud online.  The days of cheating google are long gone. Any product provider promising you a magic software to produce easy rankings not to be trusted.

Is there software that can help with Google Rankings.  Yes and they all have a couple things in common.  

  • They require advanced techniqal skills to run them
  • They require a considerable amount of work to set them up intially
  • The good ones are cost between $100 – $500 or a monthly fee of $50 or higher
  • They have a very short lifespan – Google update make them obsolete fast

If you want to get SEO traffic and are looking at software to help it can certainly produce good results.  However I would suggest that you put all your focus on this area until you are seeing those results.  There is no half measures in SEO traffic.  Knowing a little just won’t produce any profitable results.

Myth #3: Internet Marketing Software is Just for Big Enterprise Companies.You may have heard that you need to be a big cash cow company with lots of employees to need to streamline your marketing processes. This is not the real case. It is always a good time to start managing your Internet marketing, the earlier the better. Many small businesses can’t afford professional online marketing services, and that’s where good Internet marketing software can be the life-jacket to save a drowning business.

Myth #5: The Best Internet Marketing Software is The Most Expensive A higher price doesn’t mean the best. The nature of online marketing software is cloud computing and streamlining. In no way is price a determining factor. The fact is that many successful online software companies offer free trials, or limited account access with affordable monthly subscriptions means they trust their product enough for you to give it a try at the most affordable rate. It sells itself.

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